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Saniflo Australia

Invented in 1958 by the multinational group, Société Française d'Assainissement, based in Paris, Saniflo pumps have quickly become generic for small-bore macerator pumping systems. These products facilitate the addition of extra sanitary, utility and kitchen facilities virtually anywhere in a building, even remote from the mains drainage or below sewer level.

The Saniflo range of macerator pumps has expanded to cover most application requirements - from an extra WC up to a complete ensuite, or provision of kitchen or utility facilities even in a basement. The current ten product models in the Saniflo range consist of Sanishower , Sanivite , Sanipro , Saniplus , Sanitop , Sanipack , Sanibest. New models ( Sanispeed , Sanicompact, Sanicubic, Sanicom and Sanicondens) were released in August 2004 to address the requirements of the commercial sector. We also have specialised units for marine use. Testing on the Saniflo ranges has been carried out by NATO, the Atomic Energy Authorities, the Oceanographic Institute, Antarctic Research Station, Military Camps, various constructions sites, as well as for the provision of facilities for the elderly, disabled and persons convalescing.

Furthermore, Saniflo products are generally submitted for testing and approval by SAI-Global (previously Standards Australia), under MP52 Spec 101, 2002 (Certificate No: PST20041) as being fit for purpose. This independent third party endorsement of our products confirms our commitment to quality of product and service as evidenced by our full guarantee, supporting technical support and nationwide network of service engineers. Our Pursuit of service excellence to our customers is ongoing and supported by our manufacturing facility having full ISO 9001:2001 Quality Assurance accreditation.

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An ensuite bathroom? A shower cubicle in an upper level extension or basement? Saniflo macerator pumping systems enable you to add facilities almost anywhere. All you need is a water and an electric power supply. They're easy, quick and economic to install and you can add a shower room or bathroom - even a complete kitchen or laundry room, with dishwasher and washing machine

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