Save costs and downtime with specialised equipment

Supplier: Specialised Force
29 September, 2015

Maus have a full range of specialised heat exchanger maintenance tooling including hydraulic tube cutters, hydraulic stub and tube pullers, state of the art tube expander systems, orbital welding, testing and cleaning systems.

Maus also have a wide range of bundle extractors for both onshore and offshore applications.

Since 1961 Maus’s core business has been designing, manufacturing of tools, equipment and machinery for the production and maintenance of heat exchangers, condensers, chillers and boilers.

From chemical plants, oil refineries, power plants to factories. Customer challenges are Maus’s specialty and give acceleration to the internal search for machines and tools to offer customers more specific, higher technology equipment.

Always adding value to their customers by developing faster solutions for time critical applications. Functional working environment, PC, CAD, production control delegated to the computer, storage system, CNC machine tools are put together with young and talented engineers with their - contribution, enthusiasm and ability to create an atmosphere that allows the winning Maus Italy to be the major point of reference in the global technology sector.

From the simplest tool to the automatic work centres, every part is designed, built, assembled and tested in order to ensure the safety of a high quality product, able to meet all the needs, even in the most demanding conditions.

Maus Italy is certified by DNV-GL to be able to provide a safe environment for its employees (OHSAS 18001) and the best quality to its customers (ISO 9001).