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Save money, speed up your load out rate with Optimum's Siat wrappers

Supplier: Optimum Handling Solutions
19 June, 2012

Optimum Handling Solutions' Siat stretch wrappers can result in an increased load out rate and massive film saving when utilised to their maximum working capacity.

When looking to dispatch finished goods efficiently, manufacturers and processing plants can measure real benefits from the implementation of Optimums pallet wrappers.

As we all know that a dollar saved is more than a dollar earned so speak with one of our friendly staff on how the pre-stretch film feature of up to 300 per cent can save you thousands of dollars on your yearly stretch wrapping costs.

With a load out rate of up to 20 pallets per hour you can depend on Optimums stretch wrapping equipment to turn your daily pallet wrapping chores into a breeze without leaving the warm seat of your fork lift – ask us about the auto film attach and cut feature on the premium models.

Whether your warehouse handles 10 pallets per day or 110 pallets contact Optimum Handling Solutions and speak with one of our sales staff about our full range of stretch wrappers and how you can start saving today. Let us help you make the right decision.