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Save the environment by reducing your electricity bills

Supplier: GPG Solar By: Nehal Parekh
29 October, 2010

According to the research group The Climate Institute, “Australia is lagging behind its major trading partners in measures to reduce carbon pollution dependence.” The fact that Australia doesn’t have an emission trading scheme (ETS), or carbon tax, just speaks in favour of the research group’s conclusion.

Considering this fact, it comes as a blessing that solar panels used as renewable energy, do not emit carbon. But is the usage of solar products popular amongst Australians?

According to approximate statistics provided by Milton Zhou, solar expert at GPG Solar, “seven percent of the Australian population was using solar by the end of last year, and the figure hasn’t risen considerably since then.” But Zhou is hopeful that more people will switch to solar by the end of 2012, as that is when the bonus scheme will be reviewed by the Minister for Energy.

“The Scheme will be reviewed in 2012 by the Minister for Energy, or when the installed capacity of renewable energy generators participating in the Scheme reaches 50 megawatts, whichever occurs first,” the Solar Bonus Scheme of NSW explained in a statement.

In order to promote the usage of solar products, government is giving one-off rebates to those who install solar systems.

Although the primary driving force behind the switch is “more for a financial than environmental reason,” said Zhou, he does concede that once people do switch to solar, they are pleased to be “relieved from high electricity bills.”

So should the carbon tax be imposed? “Yes,” said Zhou. “That would be one whopping change, which would generate high demand for solar.”

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