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Save the environment - reduce pallet film usage by over 50%

Supplier: AAA Packaging Supplies
21 June, 2016

AAA Packaging Supplies has released "The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution", guaranteed to reduce film usage by over 50% therefore save over 20% on pallet wrapping costs.

AAA Packaging Supplies has developed another Perfect Packaging Solution!

"The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution" is the combination of the Omni Pallet Wrapping Machines and Omni Stretch films which have been engineered together to have the capability of stretching film to over 400%. These developments have revolutionised the stretch film market, giving us the ability to guaranteed to reduce warehouse waste by over 50% and save over 20% in film expenditure.

Our product innovation is geared for environment benefit. These visionary developments have revolutionised the once industry acceptable film consumption per pallet.

As a result of this cutting edge technology we saved just one of our clients who have implemented our solution saves over $100,000 per year and over 126 tonnes in film usage.

The award winning Omni Pallet Wrapper range, manufactured by C-ONE, stands light years ahead of any other and includes an uncompromising grandeur of excellence brought together by the distinction of European engineering and state of the art technology and electronics. Omni Products is the most recognized brand of stretch wrap in the industry, renowned for providing quality solutions for every requirement while reducing environmental impact which has been a significant contributor to business success.

Contact AAA Packaging Supplies for a free appraisal to see how we can help you make a difference to save the environment.

* Results from a Victorian Food Manufacturing Plant who adapted 'The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution' to save money and the environment. Grams of film used per pallet wrapped decreased by 61.5%!