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Scale Watcher - Poultry

Supplier: Australian Electronic Water Conditioners

Poultry Farmers - keep your coolpads and cooling water system clean and free from scale.

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Scale Watcher - Poultry

When cooling panels become clogged with scale, extractor fans have to work much harder and remain on much longer drawing air into and through the building. This results in increased electricity costs, poor ventilation and a shorter life for the fan motors.

When pads become very blocked, air is drawn through other cracks or openings available. This can upset the desired pattern of air flow and cause either poor ventilation or draughts which stress the birds and results in poor growth and egg laying.

Only after one week the scale and sludge was removed from the submersible pump wells. The hardness is kept in suspension in the water and is replaced by the makeup water caused by evaporation.

The farm manager at Woodlands Enterprises Pty Ltd said "I can't remember ever having seen daylight through our cool pads"

ScaleWatcherTM was installed Jan '06 - the ventilation system only operates a few months of the year.