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Scan Engine - EV10

Supplier: Intermec

The Intermec EV10 High Performance APS Scan Engine is ideal for OEM applications, both portable and fixed devices, where scanner integration space is limited.

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With a high scan rate and a large depth of field, the EV10 can read even the most elusive bar codes in any lighting condition.

Features of Scan Engine - EV10

  • Ultra-compact size yet extremely durable
  • First bi-linear CMOS sensor using APS technology
  • 617nm highly visible aiming
  • 200 scans per second
  • 3.3 V low power operation preserves battery life
  • Provides safe scanning

Product Overview
Combining compact size (5.2cm3/0.32in3) and exceptional scanning performance, the EV10 High Performance APS Scan Engine from Intermec is the first bi-linear CMOS sensor using state-of-the-art Active Pixel Sensor (APS) technology. The EV10 is ideal for OEM applications where space is limited for scanner integration in both portable and fixed devices, including hand held terminals, PDAs, PC and cell phone peripherals, lottery terminals, time and attendance terminals, ski-pass, automated sorting machines and many more.

Intermec’s advanced research in scanning technology has resulted in an APS sensor that is bi-linear, utilising multiple scanning lines and combining high-density, standard range and PDF 417 bar code reading into one engine delivering unparalleled flexibility and performance. The EV10 has a very high scan rate and a large depth of field enabling it to read even the most elusive bar codes including poorly printed, damaged, low contrast, wide or high density. In addition, the EV10 can be used in any lighting conditions from total darkness to full sunlight.

Bright and Sharp
The EV10 uses a unique 617nm illumination system to provide a safe, bright and sharp aiming line. With the EV10, you can clearly see what you are scanning, even in brightly lit or backlit conditions, thus improving usability and throughput.

Low Power
The EV10 provides easy electrical connection to your OEM hardware without having to add extra components to your main board. The 3.3V low power operation is ideal for preserving battery life in mobile applications. Additionally, the standby current is reduced to micro amps to preserve the host device battery when the scan engine is not in use.

Outstanding Reliability
With no moving parts and no laser diode, the EV10 has a longer life than any laser scanner (MTBF above 250Kh). It’s rugged design means it can withstand 2000G shocks and 50G vibrations and can be used in a wide temperature range.

Protect Your Investment
Small volume and low power, the EV10 uses an industry standard interface and connector. Everything has been done to simplify the mechanical and electronic integration of the EV10 into your OEM design. The EV10 is the most flexible and durable scan engine on the market. By choosing the EV10, you will protect your investment for future scanning requirements and minimise service repair issues.

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