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SCHUTZ DSL is the leading provider of superior, large sized, industrial packaging systems. Our team through out Australia and South East Asia are working towards one goal: to optimize the safe and efficient transport of precious goods. We offer a complete range of transport and storage containers accomodating liquids for Industrial, Lubricant, Agricultural, Food, and Paharmaceutical industries.

Together with our customers, we share the responsibility for ensuring safe transport of hazardous chemical goods, as well as pharmaceutical and food products. Uncompromising high quality and complete reliability of our products guarantee maximum safety.

Ideas are the source of progress. In the beginning, the development of the IBC by SCHUTZ was based on the idea of devising a transport container with a filling capacity of five drums using the space of four drums. Thus providing a 20% logistic advantage in the filling, transport and storage of liquids.

The unique "Cradle to Grave" SCHUTZ Collection Ticket mangement service "SAVES" - Waste, Raw Materials, Money, and the Environment.

The SCHUTZ Ecobulk is backed up by more than 20 factories around the globe. Providing global standardistion of packaging and world wide collection and refurbishing.

IBC by SCHUTZ DSL - simply unbeatable - Australia and the world's number one industrial package of choice.

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