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Schneider Electric NZ choose Electrotranz Power

Supplier: Electrotranz
11 December, 2009

Built Tough to Work Hard, the Electrotranz Mini 500 adds power to Schneider Electric NZ Ltd.

When Schneider Electric NZ Ltd identified the potential risk to staff of moving heavy trolleys around their Christchurch factory, they consulted Electrotranz to provide a solution, resulting in their decision to use the Electrotranz Mini 500, a battery powered towing machine, to safely and efficiently move the trolleys, and virtually eliminate the risk of injury to staff.

With back and shoulder injuries the most common workplace injuries, employers are constantly reviewing manual handling practices, seeking ways to minimise the risk of injury to staff.

Electrotranz' move to local manufacture of its own range of battery powered towing machines has allowed the flexibility to design and adapt their range of products for a wide variety of applications to move loads ranging from 500kg to 5 tonnes.

The Electrotranz range of machines are easily attached to almost any trolley with the minimum of alteration, allowing one person to safely and efficiently move even the heaviest wheeled load with minimum physical effort, and, as they are detachable, one machine can service a fleet of trolleys.

In addition to greatly increased safety, significant gains can be made in productivity with only one person required to move the load, and as the machines can safely handle heavier loads, several trolleys can often be moved together, requiring fewer journeys to move the same volume of goods.

Safe and easy-to-use, with minimal operator training, the Electrotranz range of clean and quiet machines can eliminate the need for forklifts or tractors to operate in pedestrian zones so increasing overall safety. With unobstructed forward vision, a single operator can manoeuvre heavy loads safely and efficiently.