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Scissor lifts table to increase productivity

Supplier: Safetech
29 November, 2011

Components are moved along fixed height benches as the products have parts added.

The Problem:

The height of the products vary greatly requiring the operator to bend or stretch to reach upper and lower parts during assembly.  Fixed height benches cause fatigue and strain injuries


  • Limit tasks to different benches (not practical)
  • Walki-stacker lifters to raise/lower products (limited platform size and also unstable)

Product Chosen:

A Safetech AS1-900 hydraulic lift table was chosen and positioned between the fixed height benches

Benefits of this product:

  • Large stable work platform
  • Provides ergonomic load positioning
  • No installation costs (Unit sits on floor)
  • Simple press button Up/Down operation
  • 240 volt operation  -  no special power requirements (415 volt available for higher duty cycle)