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Screen Editor & Logic Program Development Software - GP-PRO/PB III C-Package

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Software that maximizes the potential of GP/GLC

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The user-friendly operation of this software allows you to create desired screens efficiently. Its legendary ease of use is the key to its popularity.

New Features of C-Package03 Service Pack2

Time Base Function

The S5 time base function of SIEMENS's PLC (SIMATIC S5, S7 series), supported by GP and GLC Series with SP1, can now be used with ST Series. PROFIBUS protocol is also supported.

(Numeric value display / Set value display supported)

Affected Units: GP2000 Series (except GP-2301HL, GP2301HS, GP-2401HT), GLC2000 Series, ST Series

Part Label Centering Function

Add "Centering" button in label settings. When changing characteristics, labels can be centered.

Global Interlock Function (z tag)

In the same what of the operation switch used with the GP handy type,if the bit address is not valid, the operation of the touch panel and function keys can be invalid.

Affected Units: GP2000 Series, GLC2000 Series, ST Series

Multiple Copy Equal Allocation Function

The range to copy is designated and the copied objects can be placed at equal intervals.

Special Switch Q tag Function

The function "Item selection key for Q tag" is supported in the special switch setting.

Higher functionality and more easy to use!

In addition to GP and GLC Series, GP-PRO/PB III C-Package03 now supports LT Series and ST Series !

Supports these new products: LT Color Type, ST Series and GLC2500T !

In addition to "LT Editor", "GP-PRO/PB III C-Package03" can create screens for the Graphic Logic Controller "LT Series" which combines operation, control and display.

Easier Screen Creation!

Time Base Function

Supports S5 time base function, available with PLCs (SIMATIC S5/S7 Series) manufactured by SIEMENS, with an operator interface (Numeric Displays and Keypad Displays).

Applicable Units: GP2000 Series (except GP-2301HL, GP-2301HS, GP-2401HT), GLC2000 Series

ST402's Expansion SIO Switch

Because of serial I/F switch function, expansion SIO script can be used instead of standard protocol with ST400 and ST401. This function can be used with ST402 (MPI type).

Applicable Units: SimpleTouch (ST402)

CF Write-in Mode Expansion

Partially changing to write to a CF card can be done with CSV file output function.

Applicable Units: GP2000 Series, GLC2000 Series

Color Setting for Screen Info Text

Display colors can be selected with a placed part tag's screen info text "address", "tag name" and "ID Number"(8 colors only).

Manual File (PDF) Startup

The manual file can now be started from the screen editor menu, "HELP(H)" - "MANUAL(M)".

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