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SDT Connector

Supplier: Opengear Pty Ltd

SDT Connector is a simple Java application that runs from your browser so you can securely communicate with your console servers and access all their attached Managed Devices.

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SDT Connector sets up secure SSH tunnels and then with a point-and-click will run the appropriate local application on your computer to access the selected device or service.

The SDT Connector client works with all Opengear console servers. Each of these remote console servers have an embedded OpenSSH based server which can be configured to port forward connections from the SDT Connector client to the managed devices (hosts on their local network).

SDT Connector will connect with your console server and automatically retrieve and self configure with all the user, service and connected hosts information. Similarly the SDT Connector Java applet hosted on the Opengear Monitor is automatically pre-configured with all the gateway details (i.e. the managed console server) and all their attached hosts, user, enabled services details.

SDT Connector can connect to the console server using an alternate OoB access. It can also access the console server itself and access devices connected to serial ports on the console server.

The administrator does need to nominate the particular access tools on their PC that that will be used access to each service (e.g. which browser or Telnet client to use). Typically then for each host the manager will use a selection of these access tools e.g.

  • for a Cisco 870 firewall (host) a browser will give the administrator IOS access plus adding Telnet will give remote command line access
  • RDP will give access to a Vista/Windows XP desktop but VNC may be needed for earlier Windows versions (and service processor may be useful)
  • for a Linux server SSH/Telnet might all be configured and VNC

The SDT Connector java client is built into Opengear's CMS6100 Central Monitoring System and integrates with general Nagios open source central management software (SDT for Nagios). Many of the detailed Status screens have a Connect button in the Status Information field of the monitored Host. When clicked: