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Seco Tools: "Excellent productivity for the shop floor"

Supplier: Product Lifecycle Management Australasia
10 April, 2008

NX CAM bypasses CAD dependency

Provides excellent productivity on the shop floor


Often overlooked for its productivity, can CAM save time on the shop floor?


Two plm clients prove that strategic use of NX CAM allows them to bypass processes traditionally tied to CAD technology.

Regardless of what CAD system you use, NX CAM will cut your parts more efficiently

A GROWING list of our customers understand how NX CAM provides a way in which they can streamline shop floor operations and actively reduce the number of steps from design to production.

NX CAM offers an unmatched range of capabilities, and the automation tools such as the process templates and process assistant make the system easy to use.

The ability to work directly from the features defined in CAD model geometry with a high degree of associativity means that your design information can be efficiently utilised directly in the manufacturing process.

Seco Tools

One plm client, Seco Tools, carrying out their business in the competitive cutting tool industry, recently commenced training on our NX CAM product predominantly to move away from a longstanding dependence on CAD software.

The company’s Technical Manager, Dean Townsend, says Seco Tools took on CAM software as part of a national group standardisation program.

“We were only using CAD software but wanted to unify and use CAM to give us that direct digital progression from design to manufacture, basically bypassing unnecessary CAD steps.

“Originally, we thought NX CAM may be a difficult program to which we had to adjust, however it has proved quite easy to use, especially after the training we received from plm.

“The digital design environment is crucial to our productivity as the commercial pressure is always on to manufacture special tooling for the cutting industry through multinational Seco Tools organisation. Additionally, we specialise in specific local solutions.”

Seco Tools now finds its efficiency level with NX CAM is high. Over just one daily shift, one user of the CAM software will generally speed up jobs. It is the software’s high level of visualisation that provides a critical element during the design phase.

"Essentially, by passing what was formerly the companys unnecessary CAD process we are able to avoid collisions on the production line before jobs actually go onto the machine."

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