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Security Bollards

Supplier: Leda International

Security bollards are used to prevent the ingress of vehicles onto property or into buildings.

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Leda`s expertise is applied to anti-terrorist applications as well as for protection from criminal elements (Ram Raiding).


The most common forceful intrusion of commercial & industrial properties. Thieves will steal a vehicle to ram a frontage or roller shutter and intentionally destroy part of the building.

Most security company response times are +5 minutes in which case the ram-raiders are long gone.

Our business began in preventing this type of criminal activity over 10 years ago and has grown from 1 to 400 bollards with over 100,000 installations. It is a huge problem that many business are only just becoming aware of.

Mechanical security

This term broadly encompasses our business which provides a physical barrier designed to deter would-be thieves and forces them to look for easier targets.

Mechanical security

  • is a visual deterrent
  • provides a physical barrier
  • prevents the intrusion

Security bollards for commercial premises can:

  • secure roller-doors in factories & warehouses
  • protect glass frontages & doors of shops, shopping centres & retail outlets
  • prevent vehicle theft in car sales yards, panel beaters & auto workshops
  • define access ways, protect gates, prevent unauthorised parking

Securapost XP

The new Securapost XP offers even more security for high risk properties with nearly double the wall thickness of the original Securapost.

Click here for Securapost information

Security Bollards for Anti-terrorism

While terrorism has been with us for generations, the threat of vehicle bombs is a more recent occurence. Their usage is more insidious, less targeting and far more devastating.

Leda has applied its expertise in stopping vehicles to anti-terrorist applications and few others can match our range or experience in this field.

3 steps to a solution.

If stopping vehicles attacking property is your objective then the first thing to do is finalise the vehicle weight and speed.

1. Go to Impact Ratings

Armed with the knowledge on what you are trying to stop, it is time to look at your operational requirements.

2. Go to Bollard Selector

With the preliminary work done you should now talk to Leda and discuss your requirements and budget. Lets us help you match a solution.

3. Go to Contact us

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The largest supplier of ram raid prevention equipment

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  • Quality in manufacture

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Products are based on intensive market research in conjunction with:

  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Security companies
  • Insurance experts

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