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Supplier: H & H Security

H and H Security utilises specific security personnel that work with protection dogs.

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Traditionally the use of a security dog in combination with a security officer allows the security guard to enforce public order by chasing and holding suspects, or detaining suspects by the threat of the security dog being released.

At H&H Security, our security guard dogs are trained differently. Unlike typical training methods such as training dogs to protect as if protection is a game, H&H Security trains dogs to protect as a defence starting from a very young age.

Just like our clients, H&H Security does not think personal safety, nor the protection of property as a game. A properly trained security dog should be the same. H&H Security's dogs are trained to defend for the right reasons, much like a human bodyguard.

From a young age they are trained to recognize behaviour that could be harmful to the person or family they are protecting and to defend our clients, their family, patrons, and employees against harm courageously and on command.

The equipment that we use for training our dogs is specially designed. We never use shock collars (Electric collars). All of our dogs are trained using humane measures which build the ego of the dog instead of breaking the dog's spirit.

H&H Security recognises that only confident dogs are suited for this type of work and cruelty never builds confidence. We also do not use food as a reward. The only reward the dog needs to protect is the knowledge that it is fulfilling its duty.

Their security dogs are motivated by the strong, natural desire to please its allocated security officer and handler. H&H's trained handler in turn, shows their appreciation by providing a loving, stable environment for their security dog.