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Security | Jewellery

Supplier: Smokeshield

Security for Jewellery to Protect Staff and Stock

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Security | Jewellery

Instant theft and raid protection for Jewellers

With extremely high value stock clearly on display in the windows, a huge amount is at stake for jewellers and their businesses. Security is therefore very important, and jewellers have always taken the threat of robbery and break-ins very seriously. This creates a need to constantly strive to improve security measures.

Like many other jewellery stores, a jeweller from Winchester, UK, has both TV surveillance and an elaborate alarm system installed.

However, following an armed robbery, the need to do something to protect the staff was apparent as well. Although the insurance company was generally satisfied with the level of their security, the quality digital CCTV recording had no deterrent effect, as the intruders wore masks. This left the staff feeling unsafe and unprotected. Considering the major issues at stake – response time, visibility of the stock, and protection of the staff, it was decided to look at SmokeCloak as a method of instant protection.

Following a presentation of SmokeCloak and an explanation of the benefits of their system, a decision was made to install SmokeCloak as quickly as possible. When the same armed robbers returned later, the SmokeCloak system was activated, and the intruders left the store within 14 seconds, taking nothing with them. This was, of course, a huge relief, the valuable stock was left untouched and staff felt secure. The SmokeCloak system has since been embraced by many jewellers for daytime raid protection.

The critical issues for jewellery stores and other shops with high-value stock are ensuring that intruders leave the premises immediately, without taking or damaging stock, and ensuring that staff are safe and secure if the robbery occurs during opening hours. This is accomplished by taking away the intruders’ ability to see the stock in a matter of seconds.

The application of a dense field of fog, aimed directionally, means that the intruders still have a corridor by which to leave the premises – an important issue for the safety of the staff and to limit damage.

In addition to automatic activation with a break in after hours, SmokeCloak can be activated manually with a hold-up button, which can also be radio operated