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Self Cleaning System | Aqua-Surger

Supplier: United Air Specialists

The Aqua-Surger Fixed Header Self-Cleaning System is a preventive maintenance tool designed to remove built-up contaminant from a Smog-Hog air cleaning system and thus extend the time between manual cleanings.

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It consists of a series of nozzles mounted above and in front of the electrostatic collection components. Wash water to these nozzles is supplied either directly from plant water lines or from a recirculating reservoir. Since these latter systems tend to be custom designed for the application, sizes and operational details are to be found in job drawings and instructions.

Face and Overhead Headers

Face and/or overhead headers are factory installed into each cabinet tier. Face headers direct detergent and water in the direction of airflow toward collection components. Overhead headers provide washing action from above the components.

Headers operate when solenoid valves are actuated. The number of valves and their multiple sequencing varies with unit size and local requirements.

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