Self-piercing rivet system from Henrob

Supplier: Henrob By: Stuart Blacket
31 August, 2010

Henrob self-piercing rivet system is used as an alternative to destroying galvanising by welding.

Garages, carports, sheds and light industrial buildings can now be erected incorporating new technology in design and manufacture by Titan Garages.

Since 1985 Titan has manufactured steel buildings.

All Titan buildings are engineer designed, complying with and often exceeding Australian Standards and the Building code of Australia.

Titan is directly responsible for nearly every component in the building including the manufacture of roller doors, windows, frames, trusses, purlins and girths.

The Goldstar wall panels are pre-fabricated and braced in the factory then delivered to the site to be simply bolted down to a concrete slab, saving hours of on-site work.

The roof trusses are designed for full load bearing and are strong enough to support extra loads such as car engines, yet light enough to be lifted by one person.

The entire building is delivered complete in one delivery and tradesmen employed by Titan are licensed contractors giving Titan full control over the quality of the project.