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Selling Inspection Software to Employees

Supplier: Techs4biz - Pervidi
19 February, 2013

One of the hardest aspects on implementing inspection software in the workplace is selling it employees. Your field inspectors and workers would be used to conducting inspections in a certain way.

Their routines and tasks would be almost second-nature, so trying to change the system they are so used to can be met with some resistance. There are however ways in which businesses can deal with this resistance when deciding to implement a field inspection software suite.

Your field inspectors should be part of the research and review stage of implementation. Once you have decided that you will be implementing an inspection software suite, involving your workers in the search for the right provider can help to find which solution will be most welcomed by the field force. They can give you valuable feedback about which software suites offer the easiest interface and as well as asking inspection software providers questions that only those performing the inspections would know to ask.

When a lot of businesses make the decision to go ahead with inspection software, many employees are left in the dark as to why the decision was made and management could face a lot of resentment. As with any business decision that affects your employees, you should have a meeting to let employees know why you are making the decision. Is it to save costs or increase efficiency? They will also be able to ask any questions about the new inspection software or raise any concerns.

In the lead up to the roll out, make sure you run information and training sessions. If possible stagger the roll out by starting with a small sub-set of your field force. Monitor their progress with the new inspection software and use their feedback and any “teething problems” to help with later roll outs. Continue to hold training sessions well after the inspection software has been introduced to all your workers and make sure that field inspectors can easily get support if needed.