Semi-automatic case packer modifies packaging system

Supplier: Australis Engineering
24 April, 2013

The project: Cerebos Foods, in response to a request from their own clients to modify their packaging, approached Australis to assist in the design of a modified packaging system for an existing packing line.

The existing packing machine packed 12 boxes to a carton. Cerebos' supermarket clients requested a change to 6 boxes to a carton to allow a reduction in shelf holding. This project was to provide a purpose built semi-manual arrangement to allow the 6 pack carton to be produced. The new system was to comply with all the latest occupational health and safety (OHS) requirements.

To achieve Cerebos Foods objectives, Australis undertook the design, manufacture and installation for a: 1 metre conveyor extension on which to mount the new packer without interfering with the existing packer arrangement; safe carton presenting area complete with box accumulation and ready sensors and safety light curtain to protect the operator; six box pneumatic pusher with next box hold back arm and forward and reverse sensors.

The Result

Australis Engineering provided a turnkey solution that addressed all occupational health and safety concerns and achieved the pack result Cerebos were trying to achieve.

The benefits of Australis Engineering's system include the: design, manufacture and installation of a prototype case pack system that most companies are not prepared to attempt; the system was fully accessible via the access safety doors; the provision of a pneumatic soft start and safety dump system was included; and the design meets the current safety and OHS regulations.


A key element of the Australis Engineering solution was to understand Cerebos' needs and work cooperatively to produce a system that integrated into the existing packing line.

Unlike some suppliers who just want to sell "off-the-shelf" products, Australis prides itself on having a strong engineering design team who are able to produce specialist and one-off solutions that allow clients such as Cerebos to meet their project objectives while minimising production downtime.