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Semi Automatic Filling Machine | Model 1000 Series III

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Designed for small to medium scale food producers, available as a semi-automatic filling machine with height adjustable filling table and foot pedal operation.

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This high quality filling machine provides damage free and highly precise depositing of hot or cold liquid based products, including semi-liquid and suspended solids. It accurately fills most types or sizes of container and is available with a product hopper or direct feed from a cooking kettle / holding tank.

For manufacturers who need to improve production rates by moving away from manual filling to an accurate and repeated process, this machine is for you. 

Semi-Automatic version

This requires an operator to position an empty container underneath the depositing nozzle of the filling machine. The machine start and product deposit cycle is initiated by means of pressing a push button or foot pedal. At the end of the deposit cycle, the filled container is manually removed from the fill position by the operator. Semi-automatic filling machines can be easily converted to fully automatic and operate in conjunction with a conveyor if production levels increase at a later date.

Fully Automatic Version (optional)

An empty container is automatically presented underneath the depositing nozzle via a conveyor. The filling machine, which can be a single or multi-head configuration, then accepts an external signal from the conveyor to start an automatic depositing cycle. At the end of this cycle, the filled container is automatically removed from the fill position.

Suitable applications typically include

  • Jam, Preserves & Honey
  • Condiments & Sauces
  • Pate, Dips & Spreads
  • Coleslaw & Pasta Salads
  • Sandwich & Pie Fillings
  • Soup & Ready Meals
  • Cakes, Puddings & Desserts
  • Dairy Goods
  • Seafood Products
  • Non-Food Industry

 Model 1000 Semi-automatic filling machine features include

  • Volumetric piston pump technology
  • High quality, robust construction
  • Suitable for small to medium scale batch production
  • Designed for hot, cold or ambient liquid and semi-liquid products
  • Highly accurate depositing of hot goods up to 120°C
  • Damage free product handling
  • Accurately fills most container types and size
  • Deposit range up to 5000ml per cycle
  • Depositing nozzle to suit to ensure clean cut-off Height adjustable filling table
  • Mobile frame with lockable castors
  • Height adjustable filling table
  • Nitrite / viton / ptfe / ptfe encapsulated seals
  • 316 stainless steel used for all contact parts
  • 304 stainless steel used for non-contact parts
  • 40-litre hopper with welded edge (no bug traps)
  • Built to stringent health & safety standards
  • Hygienic, quick to strip down, easy to clean
  • Easy to use, simple to maintain
  • Requires compressed air supply

HBM is a leading supplier of processing equipment for the Plastics Industry and Packaging equipment for the beverage & food industries.

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