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Sensor and Control Products

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As the officially appointed agent for Texas Instruments Sensor and Control products, including the 'KLIXON' product families.

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Arc-fault Circuit Protection
Texas Instruments is pioneering innovative Arc-Fault Circuit Interruption (AFCI) technology for protection of AC and DC electrical systems in aircraft, commercial & residential, and 42 VDC applications.

AFCI technology is a new class of protective device that provides protection against dangerous arcing faults.

Battery Protection
- Snap-acting over-temperature and short circuit battery pack
- Provides a multiple function on-cell safety protection.
- Improves cell performance by reducing the voltage drop across the
  cell and increases current caring ability.

Circuit Breakers
The KLIXON range of precision circuit breakers, are available in single and multi-pole configuration, with thermal and magnetic sensing capability and ratings from 0.5 to 200 amps. Designed for application in demanding environments where reliability is paramount.

Klixon® Aircraft Circuit Breakers, the Industry Standard
Texas Instruments is the leading supplier of circuit breakers to the global aircraft industry, having pioneered virtually every style used today as well as solid-state power controller technology for next generation aircraft. We are proud to have established the industry standard for quality, reliability, and performance.

Electronic Integrated HVAC Controls
We offer custom electronic solutions for the HVAC/R equipment manufacturer. With a portfolio of over 100 unique electronic control solutions, we offer a broad product base to fit even the most unique application needs.

We distribute TI electronic controls for all HVAC/R applications including gas ignition, defrost control, electric heat and fan sequencing, system monitoring, and compressor control and protection.

Lighting, Electrical and Thermal Protection
7AM Series Thermal Protectors
Lighting, Electrical, Thermal, Battery, and Motor Protection
The Texas Instruments 7AM delivers the maximum protection in the smallest package at an excellent price. It is the most reliable on the market, backed by the leading innovators in protection technology.

- Compact, miniature size
- UL, CSA, SEMKO, VDE, BEAB approvals
- Positive make-and-break with Klixon® snap-acting disc
- Gasket steel case suitable for most impregnation processes
- Current and temperature sensitivity for maximum design flexibility
- Large current range
- Sensitivity for maximum design
- Individually temperature calibrated and checked
- Repeatable temperature performance over life
- Flexibility
- Wide selection of leads and insulating sleeves
- Same side or opposite site terminations

Lighting Protection
The 7AM thermal protector is the world leader for protection in lighting applications. The 7AM offers an extremely high reliability and performance at an economical cost and is ideal for fluorescent lighting ballasts, HID ballasts, recessed lighting fixtures, and other lighting products that require protection against overheating.

Electrical and Thermal Protection
Texas Instruments 7AM is one of the lowest cost, most versatile protection devices on the market. This compact device combines temperature and current into a package designed to protect electric motors, transformers, recessed lighting, fluorescent ballasts, and battery packs. It is available in a wide variety of wire lead configurations, which can be customized for ease of installation.

Motor Protection
The universal 7AM series motor protector is our most popular product, and though it is slightly larger than the 8MM, it has a contact rating of up to 22 amps.

Motor Controls and Protection
Electro-Com supply a wide range of motor protectors, specified to meet individual customer requirements. TI has over 75 years experience in the design and manufacture of motor protection devices. Klixon protectors are renowned for their reliability, quality and conformance to worldwide standards.

Precision Hermetic Pressure Switches
Klixon's range of precision switches are hermetically sealed and designed to provide high reliability in demanding applications and harsh environments. These switches are qualified to military specifications MIL-S-8805.

Typical applications include aircraft landing gear, aircraft engines, flight control surfaces, pilot ejection seats, brake controls, missile launchers, explosive actuators, hydraulic/servo controls, gearboxes and marine applications etc.

Precision Hermetic Thermostats
Electro-Com offer a broad selection of styles for all aerospace, satellite, commercial & military aircraft, medical equipment, and HVAC markets. Our Klixon precision thermostats are designed for temperature protection or control in harsh environments.

Small particle cleaning, inspection, and particle impact noise detection (PIND) are available for demanding applications. Residual gas analysis can be performed on hermetically sealed units.

Typical applications include temperature sensing, protection and control for medical equipment, high reliability electronics, radar systems, aircraft refrigeration systems, satellites and missile hydraulics

Appliance Controls

Fixed Temperature Thermostats

Electro-Com supplies a wide range of bimetallic thermostats designed for temperature control and thermal overload protection.

20433 Series Adjustable Water Heater Thermostat
Australian designed adjustable temperature thermostat based on proven Klixon® bimetallic thermostat technology. Designed specifically for temperature control and over-temperature protection of electric storage water heaters. Conforms to Australian Standard AS3161 and AS1308. Various temperature ratings can be supplied to suit customer requirements.

9925 Series Electric Fry pan Control Plugs
The original adjustable temperature control for portable cooking appliances based on the famous Klixon 9192 "amplitude" thermostat.

9192 Series Adjustable Thermostat
- The original Klixon® 9192 design dates back over 30 years.
- Often imitated but never matched in quality or performance!
- The 9192 thermostat can be supplied in 110V or 240V format,
   creep or snap-acting.
- Accurately calibrated to your requirements ready for assembly into
  your appliance.

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