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The New User Course assists you in getting “up-to-speed” with this amazingly powerful estimating software in a hurry.

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New User Course

The New User Course assists you in getting “up-to-speed” with this amazingly powerful estimating software in a hurry.

After the New User Course you will be confidently preparing your estimates with Benchmark Estimating Software. Your estimates will become more accurate and consistent, they will be better organised and your estimate review process will be more productive.

The course covers:

Estimating your direct costs using existing Libraries

Your existing libraries include your Item and Resource Libraries. Quickly and easily bring your existing library items and resources into new quotes to estimate very efficiently.

Managing your Client Library

All of your clients details are stored in a central location, from where you can add new clients or edit existing clients details.

Creating and duplicating your Items and Resources

Creating items and resources allows full customisation of your libraries to suit your individual needs. Duplicating items and resources that you create saves you hours re-entering data in future estimates.

Setting up and modifying Libraries

Your libraries hold all your data. Knowing how to properly set up and modify your libraries is key to getting the optimum efficiency out of your estimating.

Indirect costs such as supervision allowances and other on-costs

Indirect costs can be added into Benchmark, allowing greater flexibility and accuracy in estimating and reporting.

Spread Screen

The Spread Screen feature allows you to choose the amount of profit that will be applied to each individual item that is included in your estimate. This is a very useful tool to refine and optimise your bid.

How to run Routines

Running Routines will optimise your standard estimating procedures. Routines are typically used for repetitive tasks where only the quantities change. They are extremely fast and accurate as they are based on your established resource prices.

Importing your Clients' Schedule

This allows users to import all items of a clients schedule into Benchmark so you can price the job quickly and easily.

Auto Allocating Items and Resources

After importing your clients schedule as above, some item descriptions in the clients schedule will match exactly to item descriptions in your libraries. In this case you can select Auto Allocate and it will bring your items into the tender automatically. This is especially useful if you deal with the same clients who use the same item descriptions.

Producing Progress Claims

Progress Claims help you get paid for work you have completed on a project. Learn how to create, export to Excel and produce reports on your Progress Claims.

Standard and Project Specific Conditions

Nominating conditions on which your price is based can make the difference between profit to you and costs to you. Learn how to create and use Standard and Project Specific Conditions in your quotes.

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