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Setting up your IT infrastructure – FAQs

Supplier: Etech Systems
29 January, 2013

Below are answers to questions frequently posed to us by businesses regarding the setting up of IT infrastructure.

What type of infrastructure solution do I need?

Depending upon the size and number of employees we can provide you the best cost effective solution. Our experts provide the solutions from infrastructure to the network deployments for your small business. We also look after desktop and laptop setups.

Why are my systems running slow and affecting my business?

There are many reasons that your entire fleet of systems could run with poor performance which potentially affects your business deliverables but the most common reason is that your infrastructure is not properly tuned for best performance. We can do an audit for your server infrastructure and come up with a cheap and cost effective solution.

Do I have a secure network?

We can run a security audit for your business and can provide a secure and reliable solution for your business.

What is the best system solution for my business?

The type of infrastructure you deploy depends on what you want to achieve and how quickly? A notebook or laptop is great if you are using your computer in the office as a desktop and you need to take it home or away with you. A desktop is the best option if you want speed and a large screen. For back-end infrastructure to run business you need strong and reliable system fleet which could minimise cost and provide stable environment.

Do I need a wireless setup at my home or office?

We can build and deploy a complete wireless solution for your business needs. Its cable free and yes you can work from any location at your home or office.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is like Internet real estate — if you want to build a house, you need a place to build it and roads to get to it. Similarly, if you want to build a website, you need server space to store your files and bandwidth (speed) to access your site. There are many different web hosting companies out there with varying prices. Many of our clients choose a web hosting company depending on their needs and budget. We will help you work out the best option.

What is a domain name and why do I need to register one?

A domain name is a "unique" name used to identify and locate computers on the Internet. Domain names provide a system of easy-to-remember Internet addresses which are translated by DNS (Domain Name Servers) into numeric IP (Internet Protocol) addresses used by the Internet. A domain name is unique and allows you to have an "identity" on the Internet. Domain names form the basis of the common Internet naming scheme. For example, www.etechsystems.com.au is a domain name.