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Shade Systems | PVC Fabric

Supplier: Shade To Order

Shade to Order can manufacture sails out of a wide range of PVC coated fabrics. Ranging from 300gsm (Grams per Square Metre) right up to the heaviest architectural fabrics at around 1700gsm.

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Shade Systems | PVC Fabric

One of the Shade Systems | PVC Fabric used is "Ferrari©" architectural fabric, as they use The Precontraint© Technology (pre-stressing fabric base cloth before and during all of the coating process).

This combined with dimensional stability and longevity, makes the Ferrari© product one of the most versatile in the world.

The "Ferrari©" Fluotop T2 surface treatment assures durability to permanent textile structures; with a 100% PVDF on the surface, it provides effective protection against atmospheric pollution, soiling and climatic aggressions.

An exclusive Ferrari© process, the Fluotop T2 surface treatment merged with the coating of the membrane and forms a completely homogeneous composite material. The Ferrari© Precontraint© Fluotop T2 composite membranes provide textile buildings with reliable mechanical properties, optimum translucency and a simply stunning appearance. PVDF fabric comes with a 12-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Mesh fabrics / Soltis
At Shade to Order, we manufacture membranes out of a number of PVC mesh fabrics. Available in a wide range of colours and weaves, these fabrics are fantastic option where shade only is a concern, not waterproof protection.
The preferred PVC mesh fabrics to use are by Ferrari©, and are called "Soltis".

The genuine heat and light shields of Soltis textiles regulate the sun’s heat effect and provide effective glare protection.

Available in 48 colours, these textiles come in a varied chromatic range conceived for all architectural environments (public buildings and private homes).

The Ferrari© Precontraint© manufacturing technique provides the Soltis textiles with an unrivalled dimensional stability making them the ideal solution for technical sun protection of architect-designed buildings.