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Sheep Feed - Sheep Feeder

Supplier: Advantage Feeders

Sheep Feed - Sheep Feeder, This system holds the feed in a groove.

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Sheep Feed - Sheep Feeder

The Grain Feeders hold the feed in the hopper and the Sheep and Cattle can only access the feed through the Advanced Adjustment System.

This system holds the feed in a groove. The livestock have to use their tongue to get the feed out of this area. The majority of the feed is consumed by sticking to the tongue by saliva. Once the saliva reserve from the tongue is depleted, usually after 5 or 10 minutes, the livestock leaves the feeder to graze for an hour or so.

The grain is not put onto the ground as most of the feed goes directly into the animals’ mouths. This means that no feed is lost in the dust or mud and the sheep, cattle, goats etc aren’t consuming dust.