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Shipping Container Filling machine with grain or bulk materials

Supplier: Dooen Engineering Services

Dooen Engineering Services manufacture bulk material and grain handling equipment.

Price Guide (Inc GST): AUD $720,000

Container Loader

  • Proto-type built and patented and filled 10,000 containers to date
  • Production model manufactured and patented
  • Load 20' containers in 8 minutes
  • Load 20' or 40' containers, on truck or on the ground
  • Weighing system and fill sensing
  • Auto product retrieval sampler
  • Less staff required
  • Mobility – no fixed infrastructure
  • 2 year return on investment, based on 5,000 containers

Safety features

The final delivery system enters a container at the top of the open door – on a level horizontal plane – enabling bulkhead boards to be put in place before packing commences.

  • No staff at the container door while loading
  • Trucks remain stationary during loading
  • Standard safety equipment on Auto Loader
  • Emergency shut down systems
  • Electronic visibility at all times and areas
  • Reversing beepers
  • Warning lights
  • Adequate lighting
  • UHF radio


Capable of loading 20ft and 40ft containers including lined containers

Operator Safety

  • A climate controlled cabin provides a dust free, low noise level environment
  • A controlled environment reduces the risk of operator injury from equipment in the area
  • A rodent catcher prevents rodents and coarse contaminates being packed in containers. As a safety barrier it also prevents staff entering a confined space

Fire Safety

Fire suppression unit

The Auto Loader has a complete fire suppression system that ensures the safety of your staff, product, equipment and infrastructure

Compliant Safety

  • We guarantee structural integrity
  • DES Auto Loader has been completely structurally engineered
  • Our independent, certified engineer ensures safety for all design loads and stress factors are exceeding minimum requirements
  • A full engineering report is included with the commissioning package

Product options

Comprehensive scope for packing of bulk products into 20ft and 40ft shipping containers:

  • Cereals
  • Pulses and legumes
  • Oil seeds
  • Meals
  • Cotton seed
  • Woodchips
  • Salt
  • Mineral sands

Freight Solutions

  • The final delivery auger allows product to be packed more efficiently into a shipping container than comparable systems
  • This is especially rewarding when packing cotton seed, lighter cereals and oilseeds with resulting financial savings on land and sea freight
  • Using F1 barley as an example
  • Estimated savings of $2000 per 1000mt shipment
  • Each 1000mt requires two less containers thus reducing freight, labour and equipment costs

Packing Solutions

The Auto Loader operation creates optimum efficiency by not requiring trucks to be parked in a precise position:

  • The operator simply drives forward to start packing
  • Quicker changeover times compared to a Tubular system
  • Prevents damage to equipment
  • Less staff needed to guide truck and trailer


  • Mobility of the Auto Loader is critical
  • The ability to operate in a 'decentralised' environment is a huge advantage
  • Auto Loader can go to where grain in stored
  • Auto Loader eliminates double handling
  • Grain does not need to be brought to a central position
  • The above represents significant savings
  • Cheaper than a container forklift!

High Capacity Bin

With 33.49 cubic metres capacity at water level, hopper bin allows you to hold the equivalent of one 20 foot container (33.18 cubic metres). Total length of bin has also increased to 7170mm. This allows you to:

  • Load DES Auto Loaders and reposition to a alternative loading point
  • Continually fill bin with tubulator throughout loading of container
  • These options will again increase flexibility and efficiencies at your site

B-Doubles and Road Trains

  • Pack 20ft containers on B-Doubles and Road Trains without disconnecting and loading individual trailers
  • Save up to 20 minutes per B-Double compared to tubulator systems

Automatic Probe System

  • An automatic probe system ensures continuous and accurate sampling of product being packed
  • Full compliance with regulatory sampling requirements
  • No need to have an operator on station to draw samples throughout the packing process

Logistical Flexibility

Auto Loader meets the challenges emerging in both 20ft and 40ft container packing operations

Containers can be packed in 3 positions:

  • On the back of a parked truck
  • On a stand
  • On the ground

Operational Benefits

A combination of benefits:

  • A simple design ensures ease of operation and efficient packing into shipping containers
  • Consistently higher tonnage rates that tubulator systems
  • Extensive testing of prototype indicates 3mt per minute for wheat is achievable
  • Close proximity to the source of grain
  • Adequate lighting allows for night shift packing
  • Auto sampler fitted
  • This combination provides an opportunity to raise productivity at your site.

Auto Loader in a competitive environment:


  • Smaller shipments can be packed more efficiently at the point of product storage
  • Huge reductions in downtime for flow path clean down compared to a centralised system

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