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Shock Foam for Electronic Equipment

Supplier: Gelmec Pty Ltd

Special Electronics Grade Foam

Price Guide: POA

Soft, Flexible, Highly Damped Slow Recovery Foam.

Rate Sensitive Stiffness Behaviour

  • Soft Compressible Foam
  • Reacts Like Stiff Foam on Impact
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • UL94 HF1

Shock protection for fragile components like disk drives, LCDs, and PCBs in handheld, truck,bus and avionic mounted devices. Ideal for knock and drop protection and vibration isolation.

Most resilient foams when further compressed become harder and push back at whatever is compressing them. At a certain point all the cells collapse and the foam becomes solid.

These properties can be useful but cannot meet the requirements of applications where high compressions are necessary to fit into small gaps. Nor can they meet space filling needs when tolerance stack ups i.e variable topography produces and inconsistent gap.

For these applications a soft foam with stress relaxation properaties is much more desirable. The foams are designed to compress and conform under sustained pressure and slowly rebound when the weight is released.

But when the foams receive a direct impact they behave like semi rigid foams, resist collapse and absorb the weight internally. Available in four stiffnesses, recognized UL94 HF-1 by Underwriter’s Laboratory at 2-mm, the special PCB version meets at a thickness of 1mm. Also see our soft gel sheet for narrow space protection.

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