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Shock sensors & recorders designed to get noticed

Supplier: Shockwatch
13 April, 2010

Even from a distance, the presence of ShockWatch monitors is unmistakable.

Handlers can't miss the fact that careful treatment of your shipments must be assured. And receivers can't miss the fact that the quality of your shipment can be trusted.

As soon as your shipment comes off a truck, line, or shelf, its handler notices the bright ShockWatch label or device — and his or her behaviour changes immediately.

Printed handling directions communicate special conditions at a glance, and the ShockWatch monitor makes it clear that any unacceptable handling or unacceptable environmental conditions will be permanently recorded.

Similarly, receivers immediately notice the ShockWatch Monitor when your shipment arrives. Without even opening the box, crate, or container, they know that their goods have been handled with care, and can quickly identify any shipment that may be at risk of damage.

Designed to be noticed by handlers to ensure proper care, and by receivers to create customer confidence, ShockWatch Monitors are synonymous with damage prevention.