Shootout results highlight Lucas Mills' productivity & recovery

Supplier: Lucas Mill
29 March, 2010

World Champion axeman, and 4 time Stihl Timbersports champion, David Bolstad - the New Zealand Lucas Mill owner/operator and agent - has represented Lucas Mill at the USA “Great Portable Sawmill Shootouts” since 2003.

The Shootout results have been no less spectacular than his performances with the axe.
In 2003, at his first sawmill shootout, David operated a Model 8-27 Lucas Mill and won outright for production with 922 BF/HR (424BF = 1m3) and zero "miss-cuts" (i.e. boards rejected for size inaccuracy or wane).

Recovery was right up with the bandsaws at 1.06 LRF (log recovery factor). In the USA, a theoretical recovery factor of 1.00 is based on the maximum recovery from a log, based on 1 inch thick boards and inch kerf.

The official results were published in Sawmill and Woodlot Magazine (official hosts of the sawmill shootouts) for the last 4 shootouts, held every second year (in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009). Along with the results you can read the rules and guidelines for the events.

Of the swing-blade mills present, Lucas Mill and Peterson WPF, the Lucas Mill has come out well in front at every event for the 4 most important factors: production, recovery, accuracy and price.

If you are considering buying a swing-blade sawmill, these are the first factors you need to consider, and the results speak for themselves.