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Shower Drain & Waste Water Pump 12V - Johnson Viking Power 16 Compact

Supplier: Rainbow Power Company

Compact shower drain, bilge and waste water pump.

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Specifically designed to pump waste water, the Viking Power 16 is an ultramodern, single-chamber self-priming diaphragm pump that can be set up in several different pump/motor configurations.

Perfect for installation in tight spaces, the Viking Power 16 can be installed anywhere after the drain outlet in the wastewater system or as a bilge pump in any leisure craft -- new or used. Compact, robust and adaptable the Viking Power 16 has KlickTite™ XL connectors fitted as standard, literally making hose connections a snap! (Delivered with 1" & 3/4" hose and 1/2" BSP (NPT) KlickTite™ XL connectors.)

The Viking Power 16 features non-choke valves, which means that no in-line filters are necessary. The pump can not only be run dry, it can also handle a mixture of air and water without difficulty. The Viking Power 16 is self-priming up to a height of 3 meters.

With its low pulse and muffled rubber bracket, this pump offers quiet operation. The Viking Power 16 has been built to last, and engineered for easy maintenance.
When it comes time to replace the premium grade reinforced nitrile rubber diaphragm, you can put in a spare without even removing the pump from the system.

Features Specially designed to pump waste water Easy to install, even in tight spaces Quiet operation Easy, low-cost maintenance High-impact fiberglass reinforced nylon body Ball-bearing supported transmission Non-choke valves - no filters required Self-priming up to 3 m (9.8 feet) Can be run dry and can pump air/water mixture Robust single diaphragm KlickTite™ XL connectors standard 12V motor Low power consumption Complies with ISO15083 small craft bilge pump standards for vessels up to 12 m (39.4 feet)

Design Features:

  • Capacity: 16 L/min (4.5 GPM) open flow (15 L/min at 0.1 bar)
  • Max. head:3 m (9.8 feet)
  • Max. lift:3 m (9.8 feet)
  • Max. head&lift:4 m (13.1 feet)
  • Dimensions:186 mm long x 235/181 mm wide x 118/204 mm high (7.3" x 9.3/7.1" x 4.6/8")
  • Weight:2.6 Kg (5.7 lb)
  • Motor:40W at 1 m head, 12(with built-in thermal protector)
  • Pump body:Nylon, fiberglass reinforced
  • Valves:Nitrile rubber
  • Diaphragm:Reinforced nitrile rubber
  • Voltage:12 V
  • Hose connection:KlickTite™ XL connectors for 1" & 3/4" hose and 1/2" BSP (NPT) threads: straight and 90°Viking Power 16 12V
  • Viking Power 16Fuse size
  • 12 V 8 amp


Weight: 3.00000 Kilograms
Warranty: 1+2yr

With ever spreading drought conditions coupled with rising fuel costs, solar pumping solutions are an increasingly attractive option for rural properties.

While solar panels are expensive, you need to remember that they come with a 25-year warranty – 30 to 50 year design life. How much would it cost you to buy 25 years of fuel supply for your pump?

There is a large range of solar pumping systems starting at about a $2000 cost for a small one. Cost will be directly proportional to the litres per day required and to the pumping head. So try and use water efficiently with low head storage tanks.

In the smaller range of solar pumps, diaphragm pumps are economical and very efficient. However, the diaphragm does need replacing every one to two years.

The larger range use helical rotor or multi stage centrifugal pump ends. These are very robust and can pump up to 230 metres.
At low heads of around ten metres, they can deliver 70,000 litres per day. There are no diaphragms, brushes pistons or delicate plugs to replace.

Contact us at Rainbow Power Company today for a pumping solution to meet your requirements.