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Shrink Films

Supplier: Perfect Packaging Pty Ltd

Perfect Packaging carry an extensive selection of Polyolein Shrink Films (POF) in 12, 15, 19 & 25um (Micron) Thicknesses. The majority of films are available in widths from 200mm - 750mm widths (in increments of 50mm).

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Shrink Films - ZDF03 (Cross-Linked Shrink Film):

Offers excellent Shrink Characteristics with cross linked technology, ZDF03 is the perfect heat shrink film. It is a durable film with strong seals. With a wide sealing temperature range. ZDF03 is suitable for all types of shrink wrapping machines and sealing systems.

Shrink Films - ZDF04 (Anti Fog Cross-Linked Shrink Film):

ZDF04 is an ideal shrink overwrap for frozen foods. The main advantage of this film is that it will NOT fog up or promote condensation under ambient temperature. ZDF04 also has excellent memory and recovery properties that help maintain good-looking packs in cold environments.

It is specifically designed for use on packages that will be frozen, refrigerated or stored at room temperature. Since it is also a cross-linked film, ZDF04 has all advantages of ZDF03 and is compatible with all types of Shrink packing machinery.

Shrink Films - ZDF06 (High Performance Shrink Film):

This is a perfect shrink film. It can help you solve nearly all shrinking difficulties. Sometimes referred to as Soft Shrink or Low Energy Shrink Film. ZDF06 has an excellent low shrink temperature property. Its shrink temperature is nearly the same as PVC shrink film's.

With quick shrink, good seal strength and over 70% shrinkage, ZDF06 can perform perfectly even under the worst shrink conditions. ZDF06 also has low shrink force function and good hot slip property. ZDF06 is your best choice to pack easily temperature sensitive products, such as magazines, soft boxes, candles, & chocolates.

Exceptional Shrink under 120 Degrees C, Broad Shrink Temperature, from 110-180 Deg C, Quick shrink-a-bility 1.5 seconds, Low sealing temperature, Superior seal strength, Strong tear strength, Low Shrink Force property, outstanding hot slip characteristics ater shrinking, Excellent Shrinkage, Overlap static sealing properties. ZDF06 is compatible with basically any Shrink packaging machinery.

Shrink Films - ZDF07(PP Printable Shrink Film):

ZDF07 is designed and produced for the purpose of high quality printing on shrink film. It is suitable for printing pictures with many colors and large size. It is compatible with semi-automatic and automatic packaging system. It is also available in a variety of thicknesses: 12, 15, 19, 25 and 30 micron