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Shrink Packaging Films | Cryovac® & Opti®

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Our Shrink Packaging materials and systems provide proprietary solutions to a wide array of applications where protection and merchandising appeal are critical.

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This product is suitable for businesses with more than 25 employees and has been established for over 5 years.

Our films and systems are designed to deliver specific packaging benefits based on the unique requirements of the application. Come explore our Cryovac® and Opti® brands.

Cryovac® IMPACT™ Shrink Film

For your toughest packaging problems, you need our toughest packaging film

Certain things, like toys, housewares and hardwares are tough to package. Goods that require add-ons, pack-ons or multipacking. Objects with irregular shapes or sharp edges that are going to be handled a lot at retail. These conditions demand a strong package without sacrificing strong merchandising appeal.

Cryovac® IMPACT™ shrink film allows you to overcome your toughest packaging problems and show off your products at the point of sale. You no longer have to choose between a film with superior strength and a film with superior optics; IMPACT™ high strength film offers both.

Its exceptional tensile strength means you can save on packaging costs by utilising thinner gauges. This strength assures abuse and puncture resistance and subsequent product protection.

This makes IMPACT™ ideal for multipacking and shrink-wrapping products with premium add-ons. Its high shrink energy tightly unitises multiple items while its clarity lends a premium look to products that depend heavily on eye appeal at the retail level.

Cryovac® LD-935 Shrink Film

Are you using a heavier gauge shrink film than you really need?

When it comes to shrink film, lightweight, low abuse products still need what heavier products need, added eye-appeal that offers clear merchandising appeal. What lightweight products don't need is the bulk of traditional heavier shrink films.

Today, there's a new ultra-thin showcase film that's revolutionising the packaging of lightweight products. Cryovac® LD-935 has been custom designed to meet the need for thin film with unparalleled gloss sheen and clarity. That makes it the perfect "second skin" for products that demand a high degree of merchandising appeal.

The shrink energy of LD-935 allows products like software, audio and video cassettes, office and art supplies, greeting cards, posters and other printed or converted paper products to be wrapped without buckling or distortion. Multipacking of lightweight food products like pasta noodles and powdered drink mixes is now possible. 

Shrink Packaging Films eliminates unsightly dog ears, fish eyes and crow's feet and it ensures greater consumer acceptance with it sparkling clarity. The result? Greater eye appeal on the retail shelf.

Cryovac® LD-935 has been designed to meet the market demand for optimum value in the packaging of lighter weight products. In addition to the cosmetic benefits, it also provides a number of operational advantages.

Shrink Packaging Films has twice the length of standard rolls, so it results in fewer changeovers, reduced downtime, less trim waste and more efficient use of storage space. It also offers exceptional sealability and seal strength and it's no corrosive, leaving no carbon buildup on sealing wires.

Opti® Shrink Packaging

  • A Complete Solution For All Your Packaging Needs
  • The packaging industry is about to get a whole lot more convenient. Introducing a total shrink packaging solution from Sealed Air Corporation. Opti® is a broad line of shrink film, packaging equipment and service all provided from a single supplier.
  • This packaging program combines the unique brand of Opti® Shrink Films with the quality performance of Opti® Shrink Packaging Equipment to offer a total cost-effective solution for a low to medium volume user.
  • All in all, this comprehensive line of shrink packaging products provides you with peace of mind and offers the best performance for the best value backed by Sealed Air.


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