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Shrink Tubing - Shrink Tube

Supplier: Cambridge Technologies

Shrink Tubing - Shrink Tube, heat-shrinkable tubing meets all major commercial and military specifications including AMS-DTL-23053, UL and CSA.

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Shrink Tubing - Shrink Tube

Heat Shrink Tubing

Materials available include polyolefins, flouroplastics, and elastomers. Single and dual-wall constructions are available. Sumitomo Electric also offers custom design capabilities and specialty tubing for applications which require them. Examples include low-smoke materials, medical grades, conductive tubing and many more.

Sumituber, offered by Sumitomo Electric Fine Polymer, is a complete line of high performance heat-shrinkable tubing developed from a variety of materials. These products are available in a wide range of sizes, colors and types suitable for various applications.

All Sumituber products are made of irradiated cross-linked polymers (polyolefin, PVC, PVDF, and other types) and all have excellent dimensional stability and superior heat resistance characteristics. Upon the controlled application of heat, the diameter of Sumituber products can be reduced to a pre-determined size. Sumituber products provide an excellent conformal & protective covering over substrate components when the shape or outer diameter of the object to be covered is larger than the recovered inside diameter of the Sumituber product. They are normally supplied expanded to a 2:1 ratio.

Sumituber products comply with many applicable industry standards and military specifications and are designed for use in military and commercial electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, automotive and many other areas of industry.

Cutting and /or marking services are also available.