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Sideways-transportable Cool Air Fans

Supplier: Fanquip

WITH air conditioning being mostly unsuitable in a factory, foundry or production line environment, Fanquip has developed 'sideways' transportable Mancooler fans.

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This special configuration means the equipment is wheeled along its thinner dimension to easily fit through doorways and narrow areas, so this increases the options for use and allows urgent implementation if necessary.

Companies benefit with better occupational health and safety standards for employees without outlaying massive capital for a complicated air conditioning system that is likely to be ineffective in a non-sealed environment.

Fanquip's Mancooler uses electric fan technology to engineer a simple yet clean and logical solution to aid overheated workers.

The fans are powerful yet lightweight and portable so as to be positioned and relocated anywhere that is necessary with ease.

A sturdy and compact frame ensures that the unit does not tip over, and the entire assembly mounted on a very strong skid.

A key option of the unit is its 'hydro blast' attachment which emits a very fine water vapour to quickly and significantly reduce the air temperature in very hot areas - even as hot as foundries.

The area in question can be quite an open site, but because a water mist controls the permeation of the cooling effect, that slight density of the water allows it to function in a non-sealed environment.

The entire 'hydro blast' kit includes a mist ring, nozzles, a shut off valve, filter, mounting brackets and installation instructions.

For durability, Fanquip uses a tough, industrial coating on its products that readily sees them last more than 15 years in the harsh conditions of factories and foundries all over Australia.