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Siebe Gorman

Siebe Gorman produces high quality Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and associated safety equipment including:

• Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus (EEBA)
• Emergency Life Saving Apparatus (ELSA)
• Air trolleys

Siebe Gorman also offers comprehensive after sales support and service and a complete range of accessories.

Since its formation in 1814 when Augustus Siebe created the world’s first standard diving dress with closed helmets, the name Siebe Gorman has been synonymous with high quality, reliable breathing apparatus.

They created models ranging from 2 to 18 bolt, plus no bolt and flanged helmets. These apparatus were critical to the many complex construction projects initiated in the 19th century.

In the 20th century Siebe Gorman continued to pioneer the development of underwater equipment, most notably working with Jacques Cousteau, and it expanded its on-ground operations.

Siebe Gorman played a significant role during the Second World War, producing civilian gas masks as well as breathing apparatus for use both in the Battle of Britain and by Bomber Command, whilst underwater kit was successfully used in mini-sub operations.

After the war, the significant developments were working with the Joint Himalayan Committee to develop the breathing apparatus used in the successful conquest of Everest.

Sir Robert Davis and a Mr Barrett, both of Siebe Gorman & Co. Ltd, are credited in the book on this by Sir John Hunt, the expedition leader.

After the Second World War, Siebe Gorman moved into the successful provision of sets for mining, such as the famous Proto, and fire protection, with the hugely successful Fire-fighter range of products.

Today, Siebe Gorman products are used for civilian and military purposes around the world in 60 countries - on cargo ships, in oil refineries, in industrial plants - both for safety when working in hazardous environments and for escape when danger looms.

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Simply reliable for 200 years.

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