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Signet and 3M working together to help Australian businesses compete

Supplier: Signet
18 September, 2015

Signet and 3M continue to help Australian businesses compete by providing quality solutions to get the job done right. With an array of high quality industrial masking tape choices on offer, it can be difficult to choose the right one.

3M makes the choice easy with a simple 5-tape system that pinpoints the right tape for the job. And with 5 grades of tape that cover a range of applications, such as bundling and labelling, through to higher quality paint masking requirements, 3M has the job covered.

The 3M industrial masking tape range consists of 5 grades, 101+, 201+, 301+, 401+ and 501+, with Signet's most popular tapes being the 201+ and 401+. These five tapes were designed with growing levels of performance in mind, and the goal of effectively completing jobs with ease.

Bundling Made Easy

Bundling items can be a tricky job. Items need to be secure and held together tightly, and when they need to be re-used, they should be easy to unwind without the hassle of having to stop to pull off individual pieces of tape and residue. And if items need to be re-bundled, a time consuming job may be ahead if the correct tape wasn't utilised in the first place.

Why is the 3M 201+ Industrial Masking Tape the answer?

What makes bundling items a faster and more seamless experience is 3M's 201+ tape. Its versatile nature allows it to be used in a range of indoor, light – medium-weight bundling applications throughout the home, office or industrial environments.

It smoothly conforms to a variety of structures and forms, and can be applied to many surfaces, such as metal, glass or plastic. This tape really sticks, ensuring items are securely held in place, and its clean and easy removal makes unbundling items easy, coming off in just one piece without tearing or silvering. This tape has the ability to adapt to any bundling job at hand.

High Quality Industrial Painting

Industrial painting is like a precise art, requiring sharp and crisp lines. If a tape needs to stand up to high temperatures or needs to be applied for two-tone work, standard masking tapes just aren't as effective.

Why is the 3M 401+ Industrial Masking Tape the answer?

3M's 401+ is the perfect tape to make masking around industrial paint jobs simple. It sticks to a variety of surfaces, including metal, rubber, glass and plastic, and its unique formulation stops paint bleed through, reducing time spent on corrections. Its easy removal gives the high quality, clean finish required.

The tape is specifically designed to stand up to high temperature jobs; there is simply no mess or fuss, the tape sticks securely, and comes away without residue. It is also suitable for irregular surfaces due to its ability to adapt to a range of structures and forms. This makes it perfect for use on vehicles such as buses, trucks, trailers, trains and fire trucks.

Ordering is easy with Signet

With 45 years of experience helping Australia compete, Signet has the knowledge to assist customers' in finding the most effective product solutions for the job at hand and getting them to them when they are needed.

It's easy to shop for 3M's industrial masking tapes with Signet's online store. With just a few clicks, an order is placed in no time. Simply click this link and head for our fast and secure online store to shop now.