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Signet and Ansell helping to keep Australian workers safe

Supplier: Signet
17 September, 2015

Creating a safe working environment for employees to work in is an essential part of any competitive business. One critical component of workplace safety is durable, high quality, personal protective equipment such as cut resistant gloves.

If workers are safe and injury-free, there are less sick days and more productive hours devoted to building a successful business.

Ansell's range of quality cut resistant gloves are an easy and highly effective solution for common jobs in the construction industry, or for metal fabrication applications. Read on to find out how.

It's easy to be hands on with Ansell

Protection from cuts and burrs is important. Ansell gloves find the right balance between protection and performance; strong and durable, with superior gripping abilities, yet still providing the comfort and flexibility to get the job done quickly, safely and easily.

Strong, durable and comfortable solutions when using tools

Working in the construction industry can increase the chance of injury, and this risk is particularly magnified for workers using sharp cutting tools, whose blades and mechanisms have the potential to inflict damage on unprotected hands.

Injury on the job can cause an array of issues, including unforeseen costs, increased staff absence and time off to rehabilitate after an injury. It's therefore important to ensure that the correct personal protective equipment is utilised for the job

Why are the Ansell 11-435 and 11-531 gloves the solution?

With unmatched dexterity, high cut protection and exceptional grip, the 11-435 and 11-531 gloves are the perfect solution for construction industry applications. The cut resistant nature of these gloves reduces the risk of injury by providing an abrasion resistant and protective barrier.

Both gloves feature exceptional grip qualities and dexterity, meaning workers can effectively and easily hold onto tools without their hands slipping. The high quality grip of these gloves also reduces the risk of tools being dropped when moved around the site or from job to job.

The gloves are made with not only safety in mind, but comfort as well. Their breathable nature keeps workers' hands comfortable, ensuring they can complete tasks easily, correctly

Protective, Gripping and flexible solutions for metal fabrication

Working with steel and metal can be risky and it's not uncommon for workers to get injured from coming into contact with jagged edges, burrs, sharp lines and sharp corners. This results in an injured worker, a job coming to a halt, and hours of lost productivity.

Why are the Ansell 11-435 and 11-531 gloves the solution?

An effective way to avoid this is to employ the correct safety measures, and one of the best ways to protect metal fabrication workers is to supply the right gloves.

Ansell's 11-435 and 11-531 gloves provide, high cut resistance, comfort, flexibility and grip to create a durable, all day protective gloves that workers actually want to wear. Their enhanced grip capabilities allow workers to keep a hold of objects and reduce the risk of objects slipping or being dropped. They enhance productivity, never getting in the way of getting a job done. Their features help workers to complete tasks effectively, easily and smoothly.

Ordering is easy with Signet

With 45 years of experience helping Australia compete, Signet has the knowledge to assist customers' in finding the most effective product solutions for the job at hand and getting them to them when they are needed.

It's easy to shop for Ansell gloves with Signet's online store, with just a few clicks, an order is placed in no time. Simply click this link and head for our fast and secure online store to shop now