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Supplier: Signet
12 July, 2013

Signet, a leader in the field of packaging solutions and safety supplies, is also home to an extensive range of gloves from leading brand Ansell to the trusted Signet's Own range.

As Signet's gloves are used across a myriad of industries, we ensure they are made to the highest quality and standards. Whether you need a glove with chemical resistance capabilities or excellent gripping ability, there will be something to suit most applications.

Key industries where Signet's Own and Ansell gloves are used:

  • Hospitality and catering companies
  • Medical and patient care organisations
  • Beauty companies
  • Tattoo parlours
  • Scientific and research facilities
  • Assembly and manufacturing (including gloves for maintenance and handling activities)

Signet's Own Latex and Nitrile gloves are ideal for any of the industries listed above, with the choice of a low powder or powder free gloves in different sizes, and economical bulk buys available for large volume users.

Ansell's range of food safe gloves, including the popular Food Safe Clear and Blue range, are an economical and disposable option for large catering functions. If you need a glove with increased gripping abilities which are better at resisting oils and fats, Ansell offer the Superfood glove.

The Signet's Own range also include general-purpose gloves such as the common Foam Nitrile glove, providing excellent grip as well as the high quality and low prices customers expect.  

Ansell's line of Hyflex gloves are perfect for assembly and manufacturing industries, where gloves come in contact with moderately oily parts and abrasion resistance and protection is required. If you need a glove for more specific or routine maintenance and handling applications, the Signet's Own Riggers Gloves are an ideal solution.

To keep your gloves within easy reach and reduce the number of lost gloves around the site or warehouse, Signet also stock Glove Clips in a range of colors.

For further information on the range of gloves and accessories available from Signet, please head to or email enquiries to