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Signet’s Quick Product Guide for Packaging Electrical Goods

Supplier: Signet By: Phyllida Yeo
02 September, 2015

Signet has a range of packaging supplies for any application. When choosing the best solution for products that are sensitive to static electricity, static charge or electrostatic discharge a specialised type of packaging is required.

Signet stock a range of packaging supplies that are ideal for such applications and will provide effective protection during transportation or in storage. Read below for Signet’s quick product guide for packaging electrical goods.

Signet’s Own Anti – Static Machine Pallet Wrap

Backed by the reliability and quality of the Signet’s Own brand, anti – static machine pallet wrap is ideal to protect palletised products from damaging electrostatic discharge. Pallet wraps and stretch films are also used in warehouses as a way to stabalise pallets and ensure that the goods arrive safely at their end destination.

This type of machine wrap is ideal for packaging electronic parts, precision machines and even medical instruments.

Polycell Anti – Static Bubble Wrap

Similar to pallet wrap, there are specific types of bubble wrap which are designed to protect electronic goods from electrostatic discharge as well as general shocks and vibrations that can occur during transit. Anti – Static Bubble Wrap is ideal for shielding sensitive electronic equipment from electrostatic shock as well as protecting workers and their workplaces from static charge when handling the goods.

It’s vivid, pink colouring also ensures that it stands out from other types of bubble wrap, so the correct wrap is used.

Anti –Static Bags

Signet stock a range of plastic bags for varying applications, including high quality Anti –Static Bags. These bags come in a range of sizes and are designed to protect components and assemblies from static electricity. The easy to use design creates a convenient packaging solution that can be heat sealed to ensure that the goods are secure for transportation or storage.

Signet stock a variety of protective packaging solutions to protect your goods and ensure they arrive at the end destination safely. To view Signet’s full range of packaging supplies, visit http://www.signet.net.au/online-store