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Signet’s Top 5 Stationery Items for Your Workspace

Supplier: Signet By: Phyllida Yeo
02 September, 2015

Signet has a range of products to help make life easy around the office. The extensive range of office and stationery supplies include products from leading brands 3M, Bic, Artline , Avery, Stabilo and Marbig.

Ensuring that the essential items are within easy reach is crucial for a productive, efficient work day. To make it easy Signet has compiled a list of the top 5 stationery items for your workspace.


Signet stock a variety of pens from well-known brands such as Pentel, Bic and Artline. Depending on individual preferences there are also a number of styles to choose from including ball –point, retractable and multi-coloured pens.

Ensure a pen is always nearby with Signet’s extensive, high quality range of pens.


Highlighters are a quick and easy way to make note of important dates, meetings, and deadlines in diaries or to make specific information stand out.

Quality Stabilo highlighters are readily available from Signet and will help to keep your work day or specific projects on track and organised. The pack contains 6 vivid colours (blue, green, pink, orange, yellow and melon)

3M Post – It Notes

3M’s Post-it and Highland Notes are ideal for noting down tasks, notes or thoughts that may come up during the day. There are plain, lined or tropical post -it notes available depending on individual preferences.

Once the task is completed or the note is no longer required, they are easily removed from most surfaces with no damage.

Esselte Filing Trays

Keeping your desk organised is an easy way to reduce stress and keep focused during a busy work day or week. If paperwork is organised into categories such as completed paperwork, unfinished paperwork and so on you can keep better track of various projects or tasks, without having to delve through stacks of unorganised paper.

If you require more than one tray, the Esselte filing trays are easily stacked on top of each other.

Stationery Desk Caddy

Ensure frequently used pens, markers, scissors and highlighters are neatly organised and within easy reach with a desk caddy. It is also helpful to keep spare stock of those items on hand so once the item is empty or used, it is quickly replaced.

To find out further information about one or any of these products, head to http://www.signet.net.au/store/categories/stationery and start browsing the range today.