Silvent FRIGUS Nozzle solves a heat problem in-line

Silvent FRIGUS Nozzle in use
Silvent FRIGUS Nozzle in use

The Silvent FRIGUS Nozzle became part of a customer's in-line production process to prevent packaging problems.

Silvent offers the widest selection of compressed air nozzles, safety air guns and safety silencers in the world - all with unique, patented advantages. So when a Silvent customer approached them with a specific production problem, Silvent was able to provide a solution that was incorporated within the in-line production process.

The customer, who produces brake discs, needed to  reduce the temperature of their newly painted products by 5C so they would dry quickly, in perfect condition for packaging.

Silvent spent time studying the customer's production process and found that the problem came at the final finishing step, when the brake discs are spray painted for asthetic reasons and rust protection. After painting, the discs are fired in an oven to set the paint and come out of the oven at 85-90C.

To quickly lower the temperature of the disc brakes, they are passed through a cooling tunnel that cools them to 35C; 5C too high. If the brake discs are packed for shipping at 35C, the paint is not completely dry and the packaging adheres to the paint; this caused disrupted production and quality problems for the high-quality brake discs. Silvent decided to use the new FRIGUS Cooling Compressed Air Nozzle to solve the problem.

The FRIGUS nozzle is specifically designed for spot cooling, making it ideal to cool the brake discs. Silvent fitted each of the eight stations in the cooling tunnel with four FRIGUS nozzles; two above and two below the conveyer belt at each station.

During production, the brake discs move in a straight path through the tunnel and are fed forward, two positions at a time. Each brake disc is thus exposed to cooling compressed air from the FRIGUS nozzle four times, for a total of two minutes from the 32 nozzles. When the brake discs emerged from the cooling tunnel, the temperature was down to 30C; the paint was now completely dry and there were no further problems with packaging.

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