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Simalube Automatic Lubricators

Supplier: CBC Australia

Fewer breakdowns, less maintenance

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Eliminate manual lubrication

Automatic lubricators remove the need for manual lubrication by grease gun or other cumbersome applicators. They reduce valuable maintenance team hours. Staff need only inspect the point rather than grease it to ensure all is in working order.

Eliminate contamination

Automatic lubricators operate providing a constant positive pressure to the bearing/seal, which all but eliminates the ingress of dirt. The closed system also means that contamination on the outside of the grease nipple cannot be transferred from point to point.

Ensure greasing points are not missed

With automatic lubricators on site, grease points will not be missed and the correct amount of grease will be applied.

Wear and tear of equipment

Consistent greasing of a point keeps friction levels down and increases component life. Running time of equipment is improved - insurance against breakdowns and maintenance costs.

Easier and safer maintenance

Remote mounting and quick connections allow automatic lubricators to service difficult to reach grease points, making maintenance simpler and safer.

Suit a wide range of applications

Most automatic lubricators operate throughout a wide range of ambient temperatures, making them suitable for just about any application where regular greasing is essential to smooth operation.

Why is Simalube the best?

Swiss-made Simalube automatic lubricators offer many unique features that will benefit your operation. Here are a few of the major advantages:

  • Fully adjustable clock allows increasing or decreasing the grease flow rate
  • Improved transparent housing allows easy checking and marking of grease levels
  • More pressure - patented gas-producing dry cells 70 PSI
  • Patented gas producing dry cells are completely safe, harmless and approved
  • Wider temperature application range from -20°C to 55°C
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Wide range of sizes to suit any application - 30ml, 60ml, 125ml and 250ml