Simtronics enhances gas detector performance and maximum distance

Supplier: ProDetec
30 April, 2014

ProDetec is pleased to announce that the Simtronics GD1 Laser Open-Path Detector has been enhanced with a stronger signal which increases the path length distance between the detector and transmitter from 50m to 75m; an increase of 50%.

In addition, the considerably improved signal strength has increased the detector's robustness and performance especially in extreme weather conditions such as ice and sand storms. The detector is fail-safe and can take up to 98% obscuration without any false readings.

The Simtronics GD1 Laser Open-Path H2S Detector has been designed with features that provide an effective response to gas hazards. At the heart of the detector is a tuneable laser diode that effectively eliminates environmental effects from sun, rain and fog.

The laser scans single absorption lines where there is no interference from other gases. Unlike traditional methods for detecting H2S, the Simtronics GD1 needs no recalibration and can replace multiple standard detectors to cover the same risk.

It can be calibrated to detect an expansive range of H2S concentration; from 0ppm*m to 200,000ppm*m, ensuring personal safety.

The complete opto-mechanical design and construction is so stable that an ultra-fast speed of response of 5 seconds can be achieved, providing unparalleled service life and detector stability, thus saving on maintenance and service costs.

The detector is supplied with IECEX / ATEX hazardous area approvals, is suitable for SIL2 applications and comes with a 5 year warranty.