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Simulation Software - SolidWorks Simulation Professional

Supplier: Solidtec Solutions

Perform virtual testing and analysis of parts and assemblies.

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SolidWorks® Simulation Professional extends the capabilities of SolidWorks Simulation, so you can expand your virtual testing environment to evaluate the longevity of your design. It also allows you to measure complex load scenarios.

Study and optimise assemblies of all sizes:

  • Evaluate forces and stresses between contacting parts, including friction
  • Use connectors or virtual fasteners to model bolts, pins, springs, and bearings
  • Bond components with clearances or gaps, without modification
  • Apply bearing loads, forces, pressures, and torques
  • Use Trend Tracker and Design Insight plots to drive optimal changes as you work
  • Create plane stress, plane strain, and axisymmetry linear static analysis

Simulate drop tests using your parts or assemblies:

  • Calculate acceleration loads, stresses, and displacements as the components hit the floor or each other

Analyse assembly motions for process and task workflow with event–based simulation:

  • Utilise the entirely new user interface to define motion studies based on model event
  • Trigger actions through new motion sensors, time, or the completion of a previous task
  • Gain greater control of model actuators with the new servo motors

Understand the effects of temperature changes on parts and assemblies:

  • Study conduction, convection, and radiation heat transfer
  • Utilise isotropic, orthotropic, and temperature-dependent material properties

Simulate vibration or buckling in your designs:

  • Examine how vibrating or unstable modes can shorten equipment life and cause unexpected failures
  • Assess the effects of stiffening under external load on frequency or buckling response

Study the effects of cyclic loading on product life:

  • Check a system’s expected life or accumulated damage after a specified number of cycles
  • Import load history data from real physical tests to define loading events

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