Singaporean sport school’s kitchen safety issue solved

Supplier: Global Safe Technologies By: Tibor Bode
15 August, 2011

Singapore Sports School is a specialised independent school.

It was officially opened on 2 April 2004 by Goh Chok Tong, Singapore’s second Prime Minister.

This is the only school in Singapore that offers select youths an integrated academic and sports programme in a world-class environment.

Safety conscientious management's regular safety review raised concerns about the safety of the floors in the kitchen. The existing tiles did not provide adequate safety to sufficiently prevent slip and fall incidents and ensure the safety of the workers. Management also was looking for a more permanent solution, which provides the required non-slip surface in the kitchen environment.

They contacted Supa Safe Floor, to provide them with a sustainable, environmentally friendly solution for this issue.

Supa Safe Floor had proposed that the Safe Grip Ultimate non-slip strips to be applied over the existing tiled work areas to mitigate the risk. The Safe Grip product was suggested, due to the products outstanding and sustainable slip resistive qualities and suitability to the environment.

Due to the environment, the dark grey colour was chosen to be used for the anti slip strips. As the kitchen is very large the project was broken down into two stages. The surface was properly cleaned and prepared then the Safe Grip Ultimate strips were installed.

Stage one of the project was completed on agreed time and budget and management is very satisfied with the results. They have already indicated that stage two is going ahead in the near future.

Over the years, the Safe Grip product has proven itself in hundreds of challenging situations and the independent laboratory tests have shown that it has not only achieved the highest slip resistance rating (British Pendulum Class V / C.O.F. 0.98), but it has also retained it over an extended period of time. This means that the floor surface contribution to the risk of slipping when wet will be Very Low not only at installation time but also for the years to come.

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