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Site UPSs Monitoring Software

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Full remote interrogation, diagnostics and monitoring is achieved via the insertion of an electronic card incorporating an embedded processor within each UPS. This card can be easily retrofitted into any / all Thycon MPU UPS systems.

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The embedded processor card uses Ethernet, TCP/IP to communicate to a remote PC with "Windows Internet Explorer " (c), or similar.

The Windows Internet Explorer, Browser is used to fetch "Real Time UPS data " as contained within the attachment. Each UPS has a unique address which is contained within the Favorites of your Browser.

The following details features of this scheme:

  • All of the functionality of "Windows (c)" / Internet explorer is available to the user, such as, printing, saving, sound, cut & paste etc.
  • No Thycon proprietary software is required in the users PC.
  • All of the generation of the displays is achieved within the embedded firmware within the UPS.
  • The Ethernet is electrically isolated so there is no interconnection between UPS's, and remote ancillary equipments.
  • There are no remote control functions of the UPS through the browser.
  • Up to 10 people can view the UPS systems simultaneously from anywhere on the network.
  • Up to 8 MB, (100,000 entries) of on line data storage and "Event Histories" within each UPS are available for download.
  • All data available locally at the UPS is also available on clients remote PCs.
  • User authentication provides several levels of protection to ensure that UPS data is secure and only available to those authorized.
  • Provides full display and analysis in plane English for fast interpretation of data and condition.
  • On line HELP, manuals and URL references provide instant access to "Operating Procedures" and explanations.
  • The users PC does not need to be dedicated to monitoring the UPS system and can be used for any other purpose.

The Browsers for each UPS can be minimized. If an alarm condition occurs the user will be alerted by visual and audible prompts. To gain access, the appropriate Icon / Browser needs only to be maximized to view the latest information.

Note that the Thycon Battery Data Logger (BDL2000/M3/3000 ) also functions similarly and complements the overall UPS System monitoring process.

Security of your clients LAN need not be an issue. Often it may be appropriate to connect to the UPS network via a Firewall / Gateway, this allows the use of existing cables.

Alternatively the network can be separate and independent from the clients LAN / WAN. User authentication provides several levels of protection to ensure that UPS data is secure and only available to those authorized.

Remote monitoring of the sites by Thycon is achieved by direct Fixed / GSM Telephonic Modem Connection. Generation of an alarm within the UPS systems will initiate a remote data session with our 24 hr Service Centre. This Centre comprises a "Customer Support Service Computer", which logs and redirects all instances directly to the appropriate 24 Hr service staff.

They will access the site for further information and ensure that remedial action is taken as appropriate either directly or via your infrastructure as outlined within our Customer Care Maintenance arrangement with the customers organization.

Remote monitoring of the sites by Client is achieved by a dial in function at the clients PC using a third party remote control software like "PC Anywhere (c) ". "PC Anywhere", provides the remote user fast secure remote interrogationof the users normal in house monitoring PC and thus the UPS systems.

A dialer connected at the UPS's' can be used to alert a remote pager (or similar) of any UPS alarm condition. These are standard commercial items and systems and are not supplied by Thycon. They are offered here only as an aid to some alternatives.