Sizing Rain Water Tanks

The need for water tank is as old as civilization.

Throughout history, wood, ceramic and stone have been used as water tanks for several purposes. Water for the garden, water for firefighting, water for drinking, water for agriculture, water for washing and water for flushing the toilet or even water for food preparation; these are several purposes of the so many uses of rain water tanks.

Determining what purpose you want to use the water tank for, it’s but right to determine next how big does the water storage tank need to be. The idea is to have enough storage to 'carry you through' the periods of no rain, so it’s important to know the rain patterns in your area to narrow down the right size of the tank you need.

As we all know, getting such information on your area’s weather pattern is really not that difficult, probably all you need is less than 15minutes of your time to research it on the internet. If your area has well defined periods on rainy season and dry season you should consider a tank that will fully utilize the amount of water the rainy season will bring. If the rainy season in your area is undefined or more random or equally distributed across the year, then you just need a tank to hold enough the random distribution of the rain.

Your consumption of water is of course also a major factor to consider in determining which size of tank to use, its best to analyze the correlation of your area’s weather pattern, the purpose of the water tank and your water consumption. In an era where we are all concerned getting the value of our money determining these factors will surely do just that to your money. Once you figure out these points, then it’s the right time to decide how much storage you need.

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