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Smart warehouse control key to supply chain success

Supplier: Dematic By: Dematic
24 September, 2010

Smart warehouse control software (WCS) is critical to the success of any automated distribution logistics solution.

Smart warehouse control software (WCS) is critical to the success of any automated distribution logistics solution. It creates a single user interface for all order fulfilment activities and provides the wide-ranging functionality necessary to drive and efficiently manage the huge amount and diverse range of transactions that take place daily in busy distribution centres.

Efficient Systems Integration
Dematic WCS interfaces with the user’s host computer, typically an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system or, in some cases, a WMS (warehouse management system), facilitating real-time operations control and management. It monitors the flow of materials and orders, constantly reporting order status back to the host, enabling global inventory data to be updated in real time, and directs other processes including automated invoicing and shipping documentation.
Improving Control & Visibility
WCS provides real-time control and visibility of order fulfilment systems and personnel. It seamlessly interfaces order picking technologies – Voice Picking, Pick-to-Light, Put-to-Light and RF Picking, plus automated systems including Conveyors, ASRS, Carousels, A-Frames and Ergonomic Picking Stations – into a single integrated order fulfilment system.
Enhancing Flexibility
WCS enables users to implement a variety of order picking technologies and apply them across alternative distribution methodologies including zone routing, batch picking, buffering and sequencing, and order assembly. This enables the most appropriate order picking solution to be applied to different areas of the product movement curve, optimising performance and minimising distribution costs.
Real-Time Decision Support & Reporting
A real-time window to your logistics operations, WCS provides immediate access to data to assist order management and decision support, dynamically manage the workflow, and balance the workload across the available order picking resources to maximise efficiency and productivity:
  • Order detail with zone-by-zone status
  • Container contents and location tracking
  • Picker and zone productivity reports
  • Workload reports to aid allocation of resources
  • Zone map selection to aid workload balancing
  • Reports of short orders.
Dematic WCS
Dematic WCS delivers it wide-ranging functionality and real-time systems integration capabilities through a number of software sub-systems:
  • LCS (Location Control System for identifying stock put-away locations)
  • MFC (Material Flow Controller for managing the routing of goods on conveyors)
  • OFS (Order Fulfilment System to manage and balance the workload)
  • PTL (Pick-to-Light functional software)
  • MIS (Management Information System to provide historical data and reports).

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