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Supplier: Professional Advantage
20 December, 2007

Company Background

SMEC - Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation –is one of the world’s leading engineering and development consultancies.

It is an Australian based company with an international network of more than 20 subsidiary and associated companies and offices in 26 countries.

Business Challenge

SMEC’s core server infrastructure had come to the end of its lease term and the organisation was faced with an infrastructure refresh project.

Professional Advantage recommended SMEC consider a Virtual platform as opposed to replicating its existing environment with simply newer equipment of similar quantities.


The decision was made to accept the advice from Professional Advantage and migrate its core server infrastructure platform from physical to virtual. SMEC selected a VMware ESX Virtual Server Platform. Professional Advantage conducted capacity planning prior to the project which highlighted the server utilisation and delivered a detailed set of Data for us to design the virtual infrastructure.

SMEC successfully achieved a migration from 21 physical servers to just 8 HP Blades. This also included the provision of additional virtual servers not present in the existing physical platform along with the ability to scale 100% of SMEC’s systems current capacity such that it can embark on new exciting workflow, collaboration and disaster recovery projects; with absolutely minimal future capital investment.


Reduced Administration:

SMEC has reduced its physical administration from over 20 servers to just 8.

Smaller Physical Footprint:

SMEC has reduced its Data Centre Rack requirements from 3 to just 1.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership:

SMEC will have reduced support and ongoing warranty costs due to the reduced server quantity Data Centre Costs are able to be significantly reduced as they are charged per rack per month.

Environmental Impact:

Reduced server quantity reduces power and air-conditioning requirements.

Increased Speed of Migration

The migration speed and costs for the refresh project were at least halved using this approach.

Rapid Deployment capabilities

SMEC is now able to dynamically respond to the organisation’s needs and deploy servers within minutes as opposed to hours.

Increased Availability

Through the VMotion and High Availability tools of ESX SMEC can further increase system uptime beyond the existing clustered platforms.

Ease of Geographically dispersed Disaster Recovery capability.

The ability to replicate Virtual servers allows the organisation to have a more aggressive recovery time objective for disaster recovery scenarios.

Improved Performance

The ability for VMware to dynamically assign system resources to the most needy application has seen application performance improvements.

Increased Scalability

The ability to get the most out of the resources assigned and virtualise otherwise conflicting applications on a single physical server greatly improves scalability